Qtip: SouthEast Bootblack 2007

Updated 2010:

Q IMsLBB 2008 SELFBB 2007 Q, easily recognized by her blonde mohawk, is a two-time award winning bootblack and internationally recognized presenter both within and outside of the leather community. An activist for more than 15 years, Q has consistently made strides to bridge the various communities to which she belongs. Her most recent journey as a titleholder in the leather community provided her with the opportunity to continue a rich tradition of education while indulging her activist side. Born and raised a southern boi, Q currently lives in Charlotte, NC. Q considers herself very fortunate to have been involved with a variety of service organizations outside of the leather and BDSM communities prior to beginning her leather journey. She has worked with organizations such as City Year Columbia, SC Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement and CALCASA. Q first encountered bootblacking while attending her very first leather event, Together in Leather, in 2005. Her next exposure to bootblacking, at Frolicon 2006, started Q on her journey to learn more regarding this art. Q was honored to receive the title of SouthEast Bootblack in June 2007. Her title year afforded her the opportunity to provide a tangible service to our community, while at the same time providing continued opportunity for her own personal growth. Her path of continued growth lead her to participate in the International Ms Bootblack contest in San Francisco in May of 2008, where she was further honored by earning that title. Q used that time to do her part to contribute to a rich tradition of education in our community both here and abroad. A queer polyamorous leather boi, Q has a growing love for the more physical styles of play, but likes the sharp and shinies too! She is also enjoying her latest adventures in learning to play with rope, an adventure that was re-ignited last year by the southeast's own Artemis Hunter. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. She can often be found with a charming smile on her face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions the boi might even be found dancing on a table for the right amount of money…for charity of course! Not wanting to rest on her laurels, Q seeks to actively serve as a bridge for our community’s kinky youth and more established members, as well as those outside of the community whenever possible.


How to Contact Q:        

 Twitter: _Qtip_alt

 LJ: lzbnangel

Blog: http://DirtyBlaQboi.com

 Fetlife: Qtip

Where to find Q in 2009-2010:

    ILSb/ICBB - Thu, October 29 – Sun, November 1     Where: San Francisco, CA

    Charlotte TNG - Tue, November 3, 7:00pm – 10:00pm     Where: Charlotte, NC

    Bootblacking/Titleholder workshop - Fri, November 13 – Sun, November 15     Where: Newport News, Va

    Colgate University - Brown Bag series -Mon, February 15, 2010 – Tue, February 16, 2010   Where: Hamilton, NY

    DO: Winter Fire -Fri, February 26, 2010 – Sun, February 28, 2010     Where: DC

    Frolicon - Thu, April 1, 2010 – Sun, April 4, 2010     Where: Atlanta, Ga

    International Ms Leather - Thu, April 15, 2010 – Mon, April 19, 2010     Where: San Francisco, CA

    Beyond Leather - Fri, April 23, 2010 – Sun, April 25, 2010     Where: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

    CLOAK's Super Saturday - Sat, May 1, 2010     Where: Charlotte, NC

    Submissive Journey Weekend - Thu, May 13, 2010 – Sun, May 16, 2010     Where: Tennessee


Schedule 2007 - 2008

Black Beat (Aug 17-19)

GLLA (Aug 24- 26)

The Playground - Hickory, NC (Sept 15)

Folsom Street Fair (Sept 30)

Whippersnappers – Atlanta (Oct. 12)

DomCon - Atlanta (Oct. 13)

Florida Fetish Weekend (Oct 26-28)

Southwest Leather (Jan 11-13 '08)

SMPEx (Feb. 9th)

South Plains (Feb 22 – 24 ‘08)

Frolicon (March 20-23 '08)

NC Contest (March 29)

IMSL (May 2 – 4 ‘08)

SELF (June 13 - 15 ’08)

CAPE (July 12 ’08)

TESfest (July 4th)

May 2008

Wow, it’s incredible to look back and see that a year has passed! I have been to so many events, big and small, representing SELF. I have been welcomed with open arms at all of them. I have been privileged to experience the sense of brotherhood that comes with being a bootblack as well as a titleholder. So many of you have stepped in and supported me in one form or another.

I have done and grown so much in this last year. I made my very first visit to the west coast as your Southeast Leatherfest Bootblack. Even made it to Folsom Street Fair and bootblacked there. I have met community leaders, elders and quiet, hard working supporters of who and what we are. I’ve traveled further than I have in my entire life as your representative.

I hope that I have done a good job as an ambassador for the southeast leather community and bootblacks everywhere. I am truly thankful for the opportunity and the trust you placed in me as a representative of our community. For me, this year has been full of personal growth, development and wonder.

More importantly, it’s been fun!

I feel so very loved and indeed, spoiled by this community. A boi couldn’t ask for more support than you all have shown me. Thank you for your continued trust and support. Thank you for an amazing year!

In boots, Q

International Ms Bootblack 2008

Southeast Bootblack 2007

Oct. 24, 2007

Well, it’s been 3 months since I was honored with my title and man has it been busy! So far my year has been full of firsts. I attended GLLA and Black Beat in August for the first time. I felt so welcome at both events.

This year was Black Beat’s fifth anniversary. The excitement and dedication showed, from the fabulous line up of presenters to the red carpet photography. While at Black Beat I had the opportunity to bootblack and shine latex for two days. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with those who came by and sat for me or left items for me to care for. Hearing the words Turtle Wax when asked what a pair of boots were cared for with made we wince, but not cry. I was privileged to be present as Vi Johnson was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I met people at Black Beat who were from as close to me as a few miles here in Charlotte and as far away as California and Hawaii. If you’ve never been to Black Beat I would highly recommend attending. Check out their website at www.blackbeatinc.org.

The very next weekend, I was off to Indianapolis for Great Lakes Leather Alliance, now in it’s sixth year. Aside from the wonderful workshop and presenters, this was my first exposure to so many bootblacks in one place! I was quite the happy bootblack to wonder about with people I knew, watching the bootblacks do their thing and chatting with all the other bootblacks in attendance who were not competing. It was very different watching this contest. I now have a better understanding of what the participants were going through. You never look at contest the same one you’ve competed. The camaraderie displayed between the three bootblack contestants was heart-warming to see. The poolside festivities and exceptionally welcoming hotel staff made this quite the memorable event for me. Well that and the pony girl drawn chariot at the contest. In my opinion, just fantastic!!

I had the opportunity to volunteer while at GLLA with registration. Everyone was incredibly sweet and very helpful. It was wonderful to be able to pitch in and do a little something to help with such a great event. The dates have already been set for next year and the keynote speaker chosen. Visit their website at www.greatlakesleather.org to see the contest winners and what’s on the agenda for next year so far.

Last weekend was another first for me, my first visit to the west coast. My reason for visiting the west coast was also a first, bootblacking at Folsom Street Fair! The sheer size of this event was incredible, especially since it’s technically only one day. Again, I had the pleasure of chatting with and working along side some amazingly talented bootblacks from all over the country. Yet to prove again how small my world really is, I saw someone I know who lives in NY, saw someone I met for the first time at GLLA and worked on the boots of a gentleman who is from my hometown and now lives in Atlanta.

The boot work was non-stop, but things were so very well organized that I never even had to give much thought to anything other than hydration during my shift. I can’t think of a better way to break myself into west coast than doing boots at the Folsom Street Fair. I even had the opportunity to see SELF’s emcee this year while I was there for a brief moment! I’m definitely looking forward to heading back out there for IMsL.

Next up on my list of whirl wind travels are two things much closer to home. I’ll be in Atlanta for Whippersnappers on October 12th and I’ll be at DomCon on October 13th. I’ll be bootblacking at both events and I will also have my brand new pins for sale to support my travel fund. Please come out and support these events and me. Hope to see you there or somewhere along my travels.

June 25, 2007


I’d like to start by saying thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who contributed to getting me prepared for the contest, be it through advice, support and encouragement or contributions to my auction basket. Thank you, thank you…a thousand times thank you. If it takes a village to raise a child, know that you have stepped in and contributed admirably.

I am still so in awe of all that transpired for me personally at this year’s SELF. From start to finish, from spray paint covered boot to the reception of my speech by all of you, I had an amazing time. It was fantastic to watch all the other contestants and get to know a little more about each of them…and a little more about myself as well.

This was my first time participating in a leather contest and I couldn’t think of a better, more welcoming group of people to have that experience in front of. Thank you to all of you who took time out your schedules to come sit for me. I do hope that it was, at the very least, a pleasant experience for you. I especially thank those of you had never sat for a bootblack before and choose to let me be your first experience.

The SELF staff and crew did a spectacular job keeping things running smoothly and well organized. I would especially like to point out Gavin and girl Kim. They had the glorious duty of being den parents for the contestants. I imagine that at times it must have felt like herding cats! They handled their duties with what seemed like infinite patience and grace and for that I say thank you.

My hope is that you all will continue to support each of the titleholders who have stepped up to be beacons of our community. We will shine even brighter with your support. SELF is but once a year, however we can keep the bonds formed and renewed there strong all year. I will do my best to contribute to sustaining those bonds.

My travel schedule is slowly starting to take shape. I am excited about getting out to visit all the groups I haven’t been to before and the new events I am seeking to branch out to. My bootblack journey, this year at least, is leading me to IMsL in the Spring of next year. Between now and then, there is so much to learn, so much room for growth and I look forward to each of your contributions to that process.

Atlanta has become my second home almost and I always enjoy time spent there. SELF had a special place in my heart prior to this year. So to be honored with this title was truly just spectacular. I am very much looking forward to representing SELF and the Southeast with honor and pride as I travel throughout the country. I am very excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for bootblacking and our community.