kimsgGirl Kim: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2004


October 2004

Hello To All You Wonderful Leather Folk,

I am so incredibly proud to come home to my wonderful family in the South East and announce that I have brought home a national title. My goal through out the past year has been to serve and represent the South with pride and honor. Attending and competing at ABW was an amazing step along that journey. Winning the title of American Leather Girl is a testament to the growth I have experienced while serving my community.

For most of my title year as Ms S.E.L.F., I have focused on spending time really getting to know the region I represent. I knew that if I were to go on and win a national title, I wanted to represent the South by providing information to others about the community we offer here. The fact is that we do live in a part of America that might not be as liberal as some others. That doesn't mean we don't have a lot of fun and a wealth of experience to share. That's exactly the message I took with me to ABW.

The message I bring back to you is just as important. We must celebrate our families and our community.


We're all very unique, each blessed with special gifts to share. It is our responsibility to make sure those gifts are not waisted. We must also remember that we still have a lot to learn and enjoy. The moment we start thinking there is nothing left to learn or experience, is the moment our soul dies.

I know I am a better person for all the lessons I have learned while serving my community in the South East.

I am grateful for each of you who have touched me directly and indirectly. When I realized I won't be home as much, and by home I mean the South, I got a little sad. I might not see some of you as often as I have in the last year because I will be attending events nation wide. But no matter where I am I will still be serving you through representation.

kim2I would love it if each of you would join me at SouthEast LeatherFest in June to welcome my American Brotherhood Family.I looks as though S.E.L.F. will be the first large event we're all able to attend and I am honored to be hosting them in my hometown. Please help me show them what southern hospitality is all about.

With Love in Leather, girl Kim American Leather Girl 2005 Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2004

June 2004

Hello To All You Wonderful Leather Folk,

I am so happy to say that I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet tons of new people over the last few months. I'm also looking forward to all that is still on the horizon and all the new friendships that are waiting to develop. I have not only been fortunate enough to get to know quite a few people on a personal level, but I have also gotten to interact with groups that I wasn't even aware of right here in my own back yard. I've been taking the time to search out smaller groups that may be new or just in more remote areas as well as visiting some of the larger powerhouses. For any of you who have not taken the time to do this, I strongly suggest you give it a try. You'll be amazed at the all you will experience.

I want to give a special thanks to a few groups that have opened their doors to me and welcomed me with open arms.

CAPE (Central Alabama Power Exchange), this group is an old favorite of mine from way back and I was lucky enough to be invited to share a weekend in the woods with them at their fall retreat. There was lots of fun, good food and friendship to enjoy that weekend.

T3WD in Columbia, SC, I want to thank for allowing me to come and enjoy a rather thought provoking workshop and a lovely dinner afterward.

The Training Camp in Raleigh, NC has been a wonderful group even though I haven't gotten to spend nearly as much time as I would like with them. Diva Cane has been so hospitable to me and very forgiving of my rather hectic schedule. I look forward to spending a lot more time with this group in the very near future.

North Carolina Leather held in Raleigh, NC has been highlight of my title year. This conference may be small in number but they make up for it in heart and hospitality. I had the honor of emceeing this event and I can only hope I helped others have as much fun as I was having. I strongly suggest that the leather folk in the Carolinas support and enjoy this event.

SC-LOCK in Greenville, SC held a wonderful weekend retreat based on relationships within the D/s S/M community that was not only insightful, but truly held some life changing lessons for me. My Daddy and I were really impressed with the line-up of presenters and all their viewpoints on relationships. I look forward to going back to SC-LOCK in January to speak.

Another major highlight for me was having the chance to attend Ms World Leather in Dallas, TX. I was blown away by the women who competed for this title and the very important platforms they brought to the table.

kim1For any of you who have not experienced this event, take the time to check it out. It really is a wonderful display of the good we can do within and outside our community.

I want to also mention a few of the groups here in Atlanta that I am fortunate enough to spend time interacting with. It is easy to loose track of them cause this is just home and I have always felt welcomed, but that feeling has only been multiplied in the last few months. So to KPOG, Whippersnappers, The Atlanta Much Group and to all of 1763's staff....THANK YOU!!! It's nice to still have fun kinky people to hang out with on my weekends that I am home.

Speaking of home, I will wrap up this column with some news about home. I will be moving to North Carolina in a few weeks to be home with my Sir. Daddy Kris has enjoyed many of my travels with me over the past few months and will continue to accompany me as often as possible.

In Leather, Love and Laughter, girl Kim Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest

April 2005

Hello to all of you Wonderful Leatherfolk,

First off, let me introduce myself, my name is girl Kim and I am the newest Ms SouthEast LeatherFest. I am very honored that I have been given the opportunity to represent and serve the South East for the next year.

I've already gotten a chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over through this amazing experience, but it's only just begun. I've been spending the last two weeks catching my breath and preparing myself for the year to come. Now I am looking forward to all the events and traveling that are on my horizon.

Plans to visit some of the larger events are already in the works. I'll be attending Ms World Leather, Family Ties and Together in Leather, just to name a few. What I am equally excited about is the chance to travel to some of the smaller events and to become acquainted with different groups within the South East.

As some of you may know, one of my goals for my title year is to promote the girl movement. There are already some amazing girls out there working to have us better understood and recognized as worthy servants within our community. I want to help continue that and also to learn more about other girls. In turn, I may learn more about myself and how to be a better servant. I think it's important to always keep your mind open to different, and possibly better ways of doing things. I feel it is also important to learn more about each other's differences so that we may celebrate our individuality and how we all come together to make up the whole.

In my travels I plan on carrying pins with me that I will be making, to give to people I meet and who make an impression upon me. My only hope is that the pins may be a reminder of an impression I have left upon them. Understand that this is not a fund raiser of any kind, these will be gifts of my appreciation.

I look forward to my next column and all the wonderful information, and maybe even a cute story or two, that I will have to share with you. Please feel free to email me about any events that are upcoming. The more information I have the better.

It is important to me that I get out there to meet with as many of you as possible. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions and/or advise, please feel free to pass it all along to me at girl Kim.

Until next time, In Leather, Love and Laughter,

girl Kim Ms. Southeast Leatherfest 2004