Grant Lam: SouthEast LeatherFest boy 2004

"You have to try it ONCE, before you say you don't like!"

That is my motto in life, and believe me, it has gotten this boy in more trouble than you would believe!

Let me introduce myself. I am grant. Your new SouthEast Leatherfest Leatherboy 2004. I relocated to Atlanta in October of last year, and was excited that the Leather Community was so accepting of a "Yankee" coming to town. This town is full of so much leather potential. And to the men and boys, one word, "WOOF"!

I have been in the Leather BDSM scene since 2000, and in 4 years have learned a lot, experienced a lot, and still learning new things everyday. Mixing the traditions of the Old Guard and the new traditions of the New Guard is very exciting to me, and I like to promote this lifestyle. I did not choose to be gay, but I choose the Leather BDSM lifestyle! And have never regretted it once.

kimsgGirl Kim: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2004


October 2004

Hello To All You Wonderful Leather Folk,

I am so incredibly proud to come home to my wonderful family in the South East and announce that I have brought home a national title. My goal through out the past year has been to serve and represent the South with pride and honor. Attending and competing at ABW was an amazing step along that journey. Winning the title of American Leather Girl is a testament to the growth I have experienced while serving my community.

For most of my title year as Ms S.E.L.F., I have focused on spending time really getting to know the region I represent. I knew that if I were to go on and win a national title, I wanted to represent the South by providing information to others about the community we offer here. The fact is that we do live in a part of America that might not be as liberal as some others. That doesn't mean we don't have a lot of fun and a wealth of experience to share. That's exactly the message I took with me to ABW.

The message I bring back to you is just as important. We must celebrate our families and our community.